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Vancouver native, Justine Andrew’s interest and involvement in the arts began at a very young age. Having attended an art-oriented high school, Justine has spent many years fine-tuning her intentionally undefined style.

She later graduated from Langara College where she expanded on her education in fine arts & art history. It was at this time in her life that Justine really began to realize her artistic direction. The vividness and boldness of line practiced by pop movement non-traditionalists such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein provided inspiration for her early works. She soon evolved her own personal iconography from that exposure.

Over the years her style has evolved to what she now refers to as “a cross between organic creation and synthetic production”. Justine’s paintings teeter between design and abstraction with her main goal being to create something that engages the minds eye. She considers hers an “unconventional form of self-expression” as she continuously strives for imperfect perfection.

Her current work is largely influenced by images created within the occurrence of life including the human form, architecture and nature. Justine has developed her own personal artistic style with the use of subtleties, vibrancies, and playing with light and shadow. With her particular choice of mediums being latex acrylic on wood, Justine’s images are made to be aesthetically appealing with the her main goal being the evocation of happiness.

She believes that composition plays an integral part of creating an engaging images stating; “The spaces I leave empty are just as important and thought out as those I fill in”. As much as her paintings could be considered modern and playful, they also possess the timeless feeling of a captured moment.